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SI Law students go through Draft

Solomon Islands law students in USP Emalus Campus have gone through a 5-day awareness consultation on the 2nd 2014 Draft Federal Constitution of Solomon Islands in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

The fifty (50) final and third year Vanuatu-based law students unanimously endorsed the 2nd 2014 Draft and their contributions will be compiled as part of their review of contents during the 2015 Awareness program. More about the consultation in this Press Release

Emalus Campus Law students and officials of CRU and DCC Government's Fundamental Reform Sector in Port Vila on the final eve of the Awareness program Friday 30 October 2015. Photo by CRU Media Section

CRU's condolence for Prof. Ronald Watts

The Constitutional Reform Unit (CRU) shares its condolence with the rest of the Federalism scholarly community on the passing of Prof. Ronald L. Watts on 9th October 2015.

Director of CRU Mr. Philip Houlia conveyed this to the experts’ team as soon as CRU was informed of this heartfelt news in this press release. Prof. Watts was a leading scholar on federalism, and his colleagues attested to his wisdom as a world-renowned scholar, in a tribute during his memorial service in Canada.

Provincial Awareness ends

The proposed Federal system for Solomon Islands received an overwhelming support from the all nine provinces.

This was the outcome of the Awareness program on the 2nd 2014 Draft Federal Constitution held for over 11 weeks from June till September 2015. Western Province was the final consultation.>> Prov. Awareness ends Press release

Public Awareness start

In March 2014, the 4th Joint CC & EPAC Plenary made a decision that CC Provincial teams inform their respective provinces of the recent 2014 Draft, professionally drafted by Constitution drafter Dr. Phillip Knight.

This Public Awareness Program is seen as part of the national ratification process. The 2nd 2014 Draft Federal Constitution of SI will be reviewed in this process.

Experts guide 4th Plenary

External auditors and draftsman guided the 4th Joint Plenary of CC & EPAC to audit and draft the proposed Draft Federal Constitution.

Prof. Yash Ghai, Dr. Phillip Knight and Prof. Ronald Watts were with the Plenary since mid-February till March 17, 2014. - Full story in Issue 17

Drafter's remarks

Professional drafter Dr. Philip Knight said that a constitution should be constructed not only for present circumstances and needs but such that, future generations will be thankful for. He said this in his closing remarks to the Joint Plenary of CC & EPAC on Monday 17th March 2014.

CRU Pays Tribute to EPAC Chairman

The Constitutional Reform Program lost one of its most enthusiastic and staunch member and Chairman of the Eminent Persons Advisory Council (EPAC).

Sir George Dennis Gerea Lepping GCMG, KstJ, MBE, is respected as one of the most prominent members within the Reform program, who came in as a senior Statesman and former Governor General of Solomon Islands.

His passing on 24 December 2014 is a true loss for the Reform Program.

Late Sir George's legacy in the Constitutional Reform Program will live on and is irreplaceable. He was passionate about the Reform, faithfully attending all the meetings. His strongly discussed States' autonomy and mostly Community Governments. He never shied away from speaking about giving equal value and treatment to Community Governments, as the Federal and States were discussed.

His approach to serious issues, during discussions of Joint Congress and EPAC meetings was diplomatic.

The late Sir George was laid to rest on his home island in the Shortland Islands (Western Province), in which he was a Paramount chief and traditional leader. The wealth of his professional and personal contributions to the Reform will be sorely missed.

CRU consultation in Suva, Fiji

Solomon Islanders studying and working in Suva are going through a 5-day awareness consultation on the 2nd 2014 Draft Federal Constitution of Solomon Islands, which started on Monday 19th October 2015 in Suva, Fiji. >> Consultation story on Press Release.

2014 Draft audit complete

The 2014 Draft Federal Constitution was endorsed by the 4th Joint Plenary in April 2014. It was finalized by CRU technical team and Professional Constitution Drafter. >> This Draft is now available in print at CRU office.

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