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CC prepares for Awareness

Provincial teams of Constitutional Congress (CC) are preparing to launch Public Awareness in the provinces, consulting them on the professionally drafted 2014 Draft Federal Constitution.

In March 2014, the 4th Joint CC & EPAC Plenary made a decision that CC Provincial teams inform their respective provinces of the recent 2014 Draft, professionally drafted by Constitution drafter Dr. Phillip Knight. This Public Awareness Program is seen as part of the national ratification process.

The 2014 Draft Federal Constitution of Solomon Islands is the first professionally drafted version of the proposed Federal Constitution since it came into existence in 2004.

2014 Draft endorsed

Members of the 4th Joint Plenary of Constitutional Congress (CC) and Eminent Persons Advisory Council (EPAC) endorsed the 2014 Draft Federal Constitution after 7 weeks of plenary. >>>> More in Newsletter Issue 17

Drafter's remarks

In his closing remarks to the Joint Plenary of Constitutional Congress (CC) and Eminent Persons Advisory Council (EPAC) on Monday 17th March 2014, Professional drafter Dr. Phillip Knight said that a constitution should be constructed not only for present circumstances and needs but such that, future generations will be thankful for.

- More in recent Press release

Experts guide 4th Plenary

External auditors and draftsman guided the 4th Joint Plenary of CC and EPAC to audit and draft the proposed Draft Federal Constitution.

Prof. Yash Ghai, Dr. Phillip Knight and Prof. Ronald Watts were with the Plenary since mid-February till March 17, 2014 to give insight into crucial areas of federalism and fine-tune the Draft. -See Issue 17 for story

2011 Draft reviewed

Members of the 3rd Joint CC&EPAC Plenary reviewed the 2011 Draft in light of the Provincial/HCC Conventions and consultations with students from tertiary institutions in Fiji, Vanuatu and PNG.

They also had the opportunity to get two sessions with the two external auditors of the Draft Federal Constitution of Solomon Islands. -See Issue 15 for story

State Boundaries checked

A brief meeting was held early 2013 between CRU Consultant Lawyer Reginald Teutao, PS/CRU Ronald Unusi and Dr. Transform Aqorau.

This brief meeting was necessitated after Mr. Teutao expressed the need for a second legal/expert opinion on the State Maritime Boundaries. Mr. Aqorau gave CRU a brief paper on an advisory opinion on the Proposed State Boundaries.

Team leaders meet

Congress' Provincial team leaders, including Honiara City held a meeting in Gizo, Western Province from 25 Nov-6 Dec, 2013.

The meeting was purposely to tidy up 2013 Draft Federal Constitution to be presentable. The 2013 Draft was later sent to the auditors.

Draft Constitution audited

After spending two weeks in Honiara in October 2013, experts auditing the Draft Federal Constitution collated information readily available on the Constitutional Reform to start the audit.

Prof. Yash Ghai and Prof. Ronald Watts audited the 2011 Draft Federal Constitution and later the 2013 Draft. Reports on the audit of the two Draft were made available to CRU for CC and EPAC members' perusal.

       - Read more on Issue 15 and Issue 16.

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